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It's hard to believe that I haven't been in Maine for 10 years. I used to go every year throughout the 90's.

I'm leaving after work on Tuesday and hope to make it to Portland by midnight. I should be down for the CM horseback riding in MA on Saturday.

Stay tuned for pictures.

All packed and ready

Sebago Lake camping

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Spot gets a class project taping the map together

DSC02509lr.JPG (23219 bytes)

Almost finished map of Sebago Lake

DSC02511lr.JPG (35986 bytes)

Marge the swinger

DSC02512lr.JPG (24783 bytes)

On the Shores of Sebago Lake

DSC02513lr.JPG (26158 bytes)

Songo Lock on the Songo River

DSC02526lr.JPG (28766 bytes)

The Songo River Queen II

DSC02516lr.JPG (32456 bytes)

On the summit of Douglas Mt.

DSC02517lr.JPG (35890 bytes)

Bub going down the Ledges Trail

PICT0004lr.JPG (81136 bytes)

John & Bub take the high ground

PICT0005lr.JPG (23108 bytes)

John reconnoiters

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Charting the course

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1st mate and crew


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Bub in the Bow


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Hearty campfire meal after a hard day of sailing


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Bub & Mom watch the squirrels.


DSC02519lr.JPG (29155 bytes)

Quiet camp

PICT0011lr.JPG (18918 bytes)

John checking the cobbler

PICT0034lr.JPG (28214 bytes)

Bub and Bean enjoy supper

PICT0001lr.JPG (74267 bytes)
Portland Rotary Club Meeting
DSC02535lr.JPG (27723 bytes) DSC02537lr.JPG (19964 bytes)

Guest speaker Senator Susan Collins addresses club


DSC02539lr.JPG (23528 bytes)

Banner exchange


CM Horseback Riding at BOBBY'S Ranch
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DSC02545lr.JPG (32937 bytes) DSC02546lr.JPG (29941 bytes) DSC02547lr.JPG (26756 bytes)
DSC02548lr.JPG (26367 bytes) DSC02549lr.JPG (29569 bytes) DSC02541.JPG (81614 bytes)
DSC02552lr.JPG (34702 bytes) Chili's DSC02553lr.JPG (34311 bytes)
Ice Cream, Recreation and Socializing at Kimball's
DSC02555lr.JPG (28854 bytes) DSC02554lr.JPG (26671 bytes) DSC02559lr.JPG (75599 bytes)
DSC02557lr.JPG (26859 bytes) DSC02560lr.JPG (40019 bytes) DSC02562lr.JPG (31613 bytes)
DSC02564lr.JPG (33493 bytes) DSC02568lr.JPG (34290 bytes)
Sunday Dinner (Italian style)

After such great hospitality, the least I could do for Marge and the kids was to whip up a good meal. (Cappellini with meatballs and Sausage)

PICT0003blr.JPG (24708 bytes)

The sauce was perfect!

PICT0004blr.JPG (76595 bytes)

Garlic bread on the side

PICT0007lr.JPG (23227 bytes)

Serving Bean some pasta (like momma used to make)

A walk at the seaport
DSC02575lr.JPG (22109 bytes)

Nautical collector's shop 

DSC02576lr.JPG (56831 bytes) DSC02577lr.JPG (23352 bytes)

Street musician


Duck tour of the seaport
DSC02580lr.JPG (29567 bytes)

All aboard!

DSC02581lr.JPG (33288 bytes) DSC02582lr.JPG (31252 bytes)
DSC02584lr.JPG (15807 bytes)

Portland Harbor

DSC02586lr.JPG (20345 bytes) DSC02588lr.JPG (17394 bytes)


DSC02589lr.JPG (160789 bytes)

Harbor Seal

DSC02594lr.JPG (21590 bytes)

Liberty Ship

DSC02595lr.JPG (18667 bytes)


DSC02599lr.JPG (24159 bytes)


DSC02600lr.JPG (14699 bytes)


DSC02603lr.JPG (21548 bytes)


DSC02606lr.JPG (30047 bytes)

Longfellow Statue

DSC02604lr.JPG (24939 bytes)

City Hall

DSC02608lr.JPG (124774 bytes)

Lobsterman monument

Winter in Maine