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Catholic match Misc. gatherings

Met to see the movie "Bella" and then dinner


Prayer and Paella par duex
Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica and dinner

Saturday November 10th

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Beautiful even at night

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From the choir loft

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Even the trash cans are gold!

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Part of group after Mass

(need group shots from others)

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A classy lady, Ellen

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Daddy's got a special date. James and daughter

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Pray hard - eat hard!

  DSC02721.JPG (33950 bytes)

Ain't they sweet?

Thanks Jackie, I had a great time!


Prayer and Paella to welcome visiting CM member Julie from NC

May 3, 2008

Mass at beautiful and historic Saint Lucy's church on Newark

Church Dome

National Shrine of Saint Girard

Saint Lucy pray for us