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Pictures from NOLA I 2008

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Early start from Newark

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Rotary meeting in Metairie, LA

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Part of the early gang. Margot, Mark, Maureen, John (NC), Hope, Tara


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Dinner at Mulate's

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...and dancing

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Cajun band at Mulate's

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Street band


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Joan of Arc

Maiden of New Orleans

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2 more maidens in

New Orleans

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N.O.L.A. breakfast

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Unexpected meeting with the N.O. Party patrol

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Cajun John before

swamp tour

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Cajun fishing village

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"Moonshine tree"

Friday night official opening
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Activities for the day

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Just a stroll down Bourbon St.


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Not all partying

Margot and I met some local Catholics and prayed in front of an abortion clinic

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Trolley back to the French Quarter

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Off to the Urisaline Convent

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Hope trying to get that "wheely" just right

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Veronica spends some time

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Hey! Who's the new saint next to Mother Gabrini? (Marisa)

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Special royal feature
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Off to celebrate at tujaques


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Hope receives much deserved gift 


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Liza's run-in with the law
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Flaming fountains at Pat O'Briens

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Watching over us

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Piano bar at Laffites

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Back to Hope's room

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Efficient use of sleeping space

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The first goodbyes

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Brunch at the court of two sisters

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Street artist

My home parish is Saint Monica's in Sussex, NJ. As we celebrated our 125th anniversary last year, we took up collections at each event to send to Saint Monica's in New Orleans which had been destroyed in Katrina. Our host, Hope was gracious enough to look it up and take me and Liza for a ride to see it.
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Sunday night meal
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Photos From Liza